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Group Therapy

Richer Relationships:
A Couple's Group

Virtual and In Person

Calling all couples, married, dating, or engaged! This group aims to strengthen your relationship by preparing yourself and your partner to combat stress, unmet needs, and unpleasant emotions.


Informed by dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), this group allows partners to gain identification for what is taking place within their relationships and personal lives, and gather techniques to more effectively express their needs, increase present-moment awareness, and achieve emotional resilience. Couples will be provided a safe and supportive space to connect their lived experiences to the concepts learned to overcome barriers to growth.

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Group Goals

Present-Moment Awareness

Cultivate mindfulness skills to enhance your awareness of the present moment and deepen your connection with your partner. Learn to approach experiences with curiosity, non-judgment, and acceptance.

Increased Emotional Resilience

Explore ways to manage and regulate your emotions, both individually and as a couple. Gain valuable tools to cope with stress, conflict, and challenging emotions, fostering emotional resilience and a healthier relationship dynamic.

Enhanced Communication

Learn practical strategies and techniques to foster effective and compassionate communication within your relationship. Develop skills to express yourself assertively, actively listen, and validate each other's experiences and emotions.

Improved Conflict Resolution

Learn constructive approaches to resolving conflicts and disagreements in a respectful and healthy manner. Explore strategies for problem-solving, compromise, and finding common ground.

DBT Informed


This group is open to ten participants (5 couples) aged 26+ on a first come first serve basis. Participants must be members of a couple and attend groups as a pair. All participants will be required to attend all group sessions. Your commitment is essential. 


An initial consultation session is required prior to the beginning of the group.

Informed by the principles of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), this group offers a unique approach to couples therapy. DBT provides a framework for enhancing emotional regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness—skills that can greatly benefit relationships. Through interactive discussions, experiential exercises, psychoeducation, and practical techniques, couples will explore how to express their needs effectively, increase present-moment awareness, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles together.

Join us either virtually or in person and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. Experience the power of DBT in creating a solid foundation for communication, emotional well-being, and growth as a couple. Together, we will navigate the complexities of relationships, build resilience, and thrive as partners.

Pricing and Insurance Information

We are in-network with most major insurers including Cigna and Aetna. If your health insurance covers group therapy, your responsibility will be determined by your health insurance benefits.


We have made every effort to make this program accessible and affordable for all. If you do not have or wish to use health insurance, a sliding scale copay of $30 will be assessed.

If you are interested in joining the next Richer Relationships Couple's Therapy Group, please use the form below to contact us or give us a call at 732-561-8555.

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