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Group Therapy

Grief Support Group

Virtual and In Person

This compassionate and supportive community is dedicated to helping individuals navigate the challenging journey of grief. Our group provides a safe space for sharing, processing emotions, and finding solace in the company of others who have experienced loss. Together, we will learn coping strategies, foster resilience, and discover hope amidst the pain. Join us as we heal and grow together.

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Grief Support Group Benefits

Share Experiences

Connect with others who have experienced loss and find solace in sharing stories, memories, and challenges associated with grief. The group provides a supportive environment where members can express themselves openly and without judgment.

Emotional Support

Experience the power of compassion and empathy from fellow group members who truly understand the pain of loss. Receive support, encouragement, and validation, knowing that you are not alone in your journey.

Coping Strategies

Discover effective coping strategies and self-care techniques specifically tailored to the grieving process. Through therapeutic activities and discussions, participants will acquire practical tools to manage their emotions and promote overall well-being.

Process Grief

Engage in guided discussions and activities that encourage emotional exploration and processing. By sharing and reflecting on their grief experiences, individuals can gain insights, find meaning, and make progress towards healing.

Develop Resilience

Build resilience and discover inner strength by embracing the challenges of grief. The group will explore ways to cultivate personal growth, adapt to life changes, and find hope and purpose beyond loss.


This group is open to anyone in need of support during their grieving process. If you are processing the recent loss of a loved one or have experienced a loss at any point in your life, we invite you to join our Grief Support Group.


This group is open to ten participants aged 18+ on a first come first serve basis. All participants will be required to attend all group sessions. Your commitment is essential.

Pricing and Insurance Information

We are in-network with most major insurers including Cigna and Aetna. If your health insurance covers group therapy, your responsibility will be determined by your health insurance benefits.


We have made every effort to make this program accessible and affordable for all. If you do not have or wish to use health insurance, a sliding scale copay of $30 will be assessed.

If you are interested in joining the next Grief Support Group, please use the form below to contact us or give us a call at 732-561-8555.

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