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Sophia Sofocli, LSW

Jamesburg, NJ

"I offer an approach that will help you achieve your vision by becoming one percent better, every day."


Do you have self-identified goals that seem so far out of reach or even unattainable? Do you want to break free from the inner critic telling you that you are not good enough? Your goal may be to break unhelpful thinking patterns, become 'unstuck,' or to work through feelings of worthlessness and despair. I help people that have made the courageous decision to begin counseling. "You don't need to feel good to get going. You need to get going to feel good."

I offer an approach that will help you achieve your vision by becoming one percent better, every day. I specialize in working with youth and adults who experience challenges in managing anxiety/depressive symptoms, stress related to everyday challenges or stressful events, family conflict, and low self-esteem. I utilize a unique, solution-focused approach to empower individuals to recognize their own potential and improve their own self-worth. I believe that by taking a holistic approach, people are able to recognize the connection between the mind and body. I incorporate unique approaches to therapy such as utilizing music or physical wellness if it is fitting to the individual.


I know that starting therapy can feel overwhelming. If you feel discouraged or scared to talk to someone, know that you are not alone. I hope you can find comfort in trusting that I am easy to talk to and provide a space that encourages you to feel safe and to trust me with sharing your most vulnerable self.


Coping Skills, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD/ADD, Developmental Disorders, Emotional Disturbance, Life Transitions, Trauma, Self Esteem, Stress, Relationship Issues, Family Conflict


Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Dialectical Behavioral
Therapy (DBT), Exposure Therapy, Humanistic, Motivational Interviewing, Person-Centered

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